Day 2: Ruby Fuschite

Last night, I wrote that I would place my ruby fuschite on top of the selenite from yesterday to allow it to be cleansed by radiant energy and infused with the intentions I set in the selenite. As I will discuss in today’s post, I could definitely feel a powerful energy emanating from the ruby fuschite!

Rucy Fuschite on Selenite

Ruby fuschite being charged by the powerful cleansing crystal, selenite.

Why ruby fuschite?

Last night, as I looked over my crystals, I was drawn to the beauty of this stone. I remember that when I purchased the crystal I was embarking on a new relationship (my my now spouse), but I honestly could not remember exactly what the stone means. Something drew me to the stone and I knew I needed to work with this stone next.

Yesterday was devoted to opening my mind and clearing negative energy from my spirit. Now, knowing that ruby fuschite helps open the heart chakra and fill it with positive and loving energies, I immediately realized this morning why this stone made a perfect companion to day 2. In reading more about ruby fuschite I learned that it also helps the heart chakra to open up to messages from the third eye, such as intuition and spiritual messages. My day was certainly full of moments where I listened closely to others with compassion and love, while maintaining my distance spiritually to not take on the negative energies of those around me. I found myself using phrases like “I understand” and I can see where you are coming from.” To me, this was a physical response to the intention I set with the stone for the day. Read more about ruby fuschite!

Today’s intention:

Crystal on an Intention

I carried my ruby fuschite wrapped in my intention all day.

Today, I set an intention of “Open my heart to more empathy and passion in my relationships and personal pursuits.” I read today that, in addition to verbalizing, intentions can be written down and held against the stone to magnify the message. With this in mind, I wrote my intention on a piece of paper and kept it with the ruby fuschite all day. Read more about different ways to set intentions with crystals.

Yesterday, I honestly did not feel much change in how I felt or behaved; however, today I could definitely sense a calmness in my spirit and an awareness of my reactions to my environment. I attribute this to a compounding effect of the past 3 days, from cleansing the crystals to using the selenite to clear my own energy, and now opening my heart chakra. I look forward to seeing how each day builds on the prior days.

What’s next?

Before I tell you what my next steps are, I have a confession. Last night, I was so out of meditation practice that I found it very hard to focus on my breathing and clear my mind. In fact, there were a few moments in my meditation that I actually started to slip into sleep. When I was a teacher and meditating with my students each morning, I would always tell them that there is no such thing as messing up while you meditate; there is only being more aware of what is happening in the moment. With that said, tonight’s meditation is bound to be more productive.

Meditation with Ruby Fuschite

Tonight, as I meditate for my 30 minutes, I will be holding the ruby fuschite over my heart chakra to continue feeding its healing energy in that area. If you are meditating the same way, you may want to think about your intention repeatedly, or do as I do and try to clear your mind by focusing on a very small area on your body such as the breath entering and leaving your nostrils. There are many different ways to meditate.

The next crystal:

Over the weekend, one of my coworkers saw my blogging project and felt compelled to purchase a new crystal for me. I have not done any research on the stone, but I am excited to use it tomorrow for day 3! My new crystal is fire agate. Stay tuned tomorrow as I learn about a stone I have never used before.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

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