Day 3: Fire Agate

Fire Agate on a Clam Shell

The beautiful, deep browns and reds of the rare fire agate!

Hi everyone and welcome to day three of my 45-day spiritual journey! Today was quite a roller-coaster day and I can’t wait to tell you about it! But first, I need to introduce today’s amazing stone: Fire Agate!

Why fire agate?

Well, first of all, I chose fire agate today, because I received it as a gift yesterday from a coworker who saw it and thought of me. Whatever force in the universe compelled her to buy the crystal really wanted me to have and use it. So I did!

According to what I have read, fire agate has a powerful affect on the lower chakras (the root chakra and the sacral chakra). This means that it is a grounding stone that deals heavily with life forces. The crystal is said to bring into focus one’s purpose in life, increase passion, and inspire creativity. Just as the colors in the stone resemble fire, the purpose of the stone is to “light a fire under your @88,” for lack of a better phrase.

Did it help?

Needless to say, my day was extremely productive! Throughout the day, despite being extremely exhausted for no apparent reason, I felt the need to accomplish many different things: I tutored before work, worked my day job, walked 3 miles home, stopped at two stores along the way, wrote out my full purpose for this blog, connected with multiple mediums/spiritual guides/shamans on social media, prepared food for tomorrow’s dinner with friends, and am now sitting here writing. I am beyond tired, but I can honestly say that I felt the fire agate’s driving force so much about today.

Another thing that I noticed today was how I reacted to circumstances around me. There seemed to be a bit of tension in the air today at work, but I was perfectly content in my own spiritual bubble. In keeping with my intention for the day, nothing negative that happened in the office today was allowed into my space. Typically, I would try help or defend the “right side” of the controversy, but instead I listened when someone needed me to listen and I stayed away otherwise.

With that said…

Today’s intention:

The intention I set today was based on what I deem is my life’s purpose. I would tell you my idea of my life’s purpose, but that both kills the mystery and would be a whole other blog. What I will tell you is that to achieve anything in the present or the future, I need to:

Today's Intention

Today’s intention, with the fire agate place inside the fold.

“Leave behind old routines and constructs the no longer serve me, to achieve what I really want in life.”

I know that so much of what stands in my way everyday is reacting the same was to things as I always do, continuing the same bad habits that I have always had, and simply not pursuing the things that I am passionate about in order to stay motivated in life. I am not saying that I never achieve anything, but I want to achieve so much more. Today’s time with the fire agate really made me stop and think about things.

Change doesn’t come easy, nor quickly, but with the desire and willingness, all things can change. I have my own private list of old routines and constructs that no longer serve me, but I will keep those to myself so you can create your own list.

Now what?

Heading into tonight’s meditation, I want to first tell you about the craziest thing that happened last night. As promised, I meditated with the ruby fuschite on heart chakra. Instead of focusing on my breath as I typically prefer, I noticed that my chest felt extremely heavy, my heart rate slowed down dramatically, and my breathing was very shallow. It was almost as if the crystal was holding me in safety and calming my heart. I also did not set a timer, so for quite a bit longer than 30 minutes, I all focused on was the calm beating of my heart. Though my mind wandered a few times (as is normal), I really felt serenity for those minutes.

Tonight, I want to try something a little different. I want to use my meditation time to manifest my journey. As I stated before, there are things I want for myself and ideas I have about my life’s purpose. Fire agate is such a powerful crystal for life force that I want to utilize that and send my vision for my life out into the universe.

Fire Agate

You can literally see the fire!

As always, I am very grateful to those of you who are following along and supporting me on this journey! Feel free to like, share on all the social media, and comment! I look forward to sharing more tomorrow, as I work with one of my absolute favorites: specular hematite!

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