Day 4: Specular Hematite

I am so in love with this crystal! The energy of today was exactly what I would expect after researching about specular hematite. If you don’t already own a piece, I highly suggest it (and you can buy beautiful pieces here).

Specular Hematite and Lillies

Specular Hematite and Lillies

Why specular hematite?

Last night as I looked at my crystal collection, I was drawn to specular hematite. Not that it is hard to see why, but something deep inside me called out to this crystal in particular. As I thought more about the stone, I remembered bits and pieces of what my life was like when I bought the stone, At that time, probably 4 or 5 years ago, I was going through a hard time emotionally. However, at the same time, I was excelling in school and at work. I didn’t remember exactly what the stone means last night, but I remember the feelings of liberation and freedom from emotional suffering that I felt at that time in my life.

This powerful crystal gave me exactly what I needed today.

What does it mean?

Most people know of hematite, whether using magnetic hematite bracelets for pain and energy, or as a major source of iron ore and the reason behind some of the largest mines in the world ( With many uses in the physical world, hematite has just as many or more uses in the metaphysical world.

Specular hematite is a very special kind of hematite, as its vibration is higher and more powerful, though still activating the root chakra. This crystal clears negative energy, increases self-confidence, and inspires inner peace. It is a grounding stone, but can inspire an energetic, positive approach to daily tasks and obstacles. When I look at the stone, it reminds me of outer space; the liberating feeling of floating in outer space is exactly what I feel when I look into it.

How did the day go?

From the moment I arrived at work today, I felt a sense of pride in myself, confidence in my job, and an overall sense of calm. I liken it to someone wearing a beautiful new diamond ring… the fact that I was carrying with me such a spectacular crystal made me feel and act with authority and security. Was this in my head? I don’t know. Was it the power of the crystal? I don’t know. But, whatever it was, I performed really well today and it seemed that everything that could go well today, DID.

In fact, I have a confession. I didn’t even think to set an intention today. Something about being with my specular hematite gave me all the positive energy, peace, and power that I needed for the day. I can’t imagine how the day could’ve been better, even with an intention given to the crystal. For me, this stone will forever be ingrained with the power to remove my worries and give me a driving force to tackle anything that stands in the way of me achieving the things I want to achieve.

Specular Hematite

Specular hematite on my desk at work.

What now?

Tonight, I finished my dinner party with friends quite late and though I want to meditate in my spare room as usual, I will be meditating in my bed. If I drift off to sleep, I won’t be upset. I notice that, even after only a few days, I am beginning to pause more throughout the day to reflect and do mini-meditations. I am becoming much more mindful of how I feel, what I am thinking, and where I am allowing my energy to focus. Though I will do my best to not miss another intentional meditation, I am very pleased with how my journey is going thus far!

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-14 at 10.58.31 PM

And then?

With all of this uplifting and positive energy, I need to turn to a more calming and pacifying crystal. So, you can look forward to another one of my absolute favorites tomorrow: Danburite.

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