Day 5: Danburite

As part of my journey thus far, I am very grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with you. Thank you for following along and supporting me in my efforts to better myself. Today was another good day, as I worked with one of the more powerful crystals in my collection. I remember the day that I purchased my danburite and I asked specifically for a crystal that will help me connect more with my spiritual self. This is surely a great piece for exactly that!

Why danburite?


My danburite resembles an axe to me.

Since the stone first called to me in my favorite metaphysical store, The Crystal Pyramid, I likened it to an axe. Knowing what I know now about the mineral, the axe represents cutting through negativity and inspiring new beginnings. Yesterday, I was feeling a very high amount of spiritual energy and wanted something that would be more calming. I have yet to plan out my daily crystals, allowing the energy of the moment to guide me to the right one, and I was led to danburite.

What does it mean?

Danburite has the effect of clearing and opening the chakras from the heart chakra up to the crown chakra, and beyond. I do not know much about the upper chakras, but I did read that danburite can help you connect with chakras all the way up to the fourteenth chakra (read more here).

This crystal is said to help calm the mind, ease stress, connect you with the spiritual realm, and clear negative energies in return for loving energy. Because of the high-reaching power of danburite, the user is able to open up and receive peace from the highest levels of consciousness, which resonates down through to the heart chakra as calm, relaxation, and stress relief. It also enables one to speak from a place of love without harming others.

Basically, this beautiful crystal is angelic on many levels!


A much deserved halo of light around danburite.

Did it work?

Today came with a few trying moments; moments where I could’ve easily been frustrated and overwhelmed. I coasted through today with an ease I am not necessarily used to. I remained calm the entire day and never let anything waver my steadiness. I consider that a triumph any day!

My intention for danburite was: “Remain calm in every moment to rise above the average vibration of those around me.”

My current job is in an office of very varying personalities and ways of approaching situations. One thing that I have encountered over the past few months is an almost bipolar rollercoaster each day with high-stress moments and moments of extreme elation. Today was not out of the ordinary, but my reaction to the environment certainly was. To remain very even keeled and stable is a testament to the meditation and crystals I am setting my intentions with.

What now?

Tonight, as every night, I will be meditating with my crystal for at least 30 minutes. Tonight I want to place the danburite on the crown of my head (I will lay down tonight) and focus all of my attention on that spot on my body. As thoughts come to my mind, I will dismiss them and return my focus to my crown. I am hoping to connect to the higher chakras danburite is known to help access.

If you are also meditating nightly, try focusing on a new area of your body and notice any sensations that appear. Try to not react in any way (scratch, move, flinch, etc.) and just observe the sensation as it comes and goes. All things in life are temporary, so this technique can truly help you AND ME work on mindfulness!


Tomorrow’s crystal will be aragonite and, as every night, I will charge it through the night on my selenite crystal!

Thank you again for following along and I wish you all a blessed journey!

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