Day 6: Aragonite

Despite the fact that I woke up a bit under the weather, I coasted through today with no stress and feeling extremely calm overall. I am really starting to see a big difference in my reactions and how I approach things throughout the day. Aragonite definitely helped with that grounding!


The beautiful crystal formations of aragonite!

Why Aragonite?

I have always loved the look of this crystal. My piece reminds me of nature and has a very raw beauty to it. The deep reds and oranges are very calming in themselves, but combined with the structure of the crystals, I think it has a loud tranquility to it. Looking over my crystals last night, it stood out the most as a crystal that would help me work more on mental and emotional stillness.

What does it mean?

Aragonite is a grounding crystal that works most closely with the root chakra. The crystal is known to inspire its user to focus on and protect nature, it helps stabilize those who have shifted their attention too far from everyday tasks, and it aids in self-control. In one of the articles I read, aragonite also connects to the earth star chakra, which I had never heard of. In this reading, “The Earth Star Chakra secures your soul by connecting your etheric body to physical world.”

According to another site I visited, “aragonite assists with emotional growth and self healing, while encouraging us to find the calm center in our hearts.” I am amazed daily at how the crystal that I need on my journey finds a way to call out to me each evening. This stone was exactly what I was looking for to continue the tranquility and peace that danburite initiated for me.

Today’s intention:

I set an intention for aragonite that I want to carry into every day. Because aragonite is so grounding, my intention was “Keep me in the present moment, but with my heart open and my mind clear.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-16 at 9.16.52 PM

Did it work?

As I stated before, I woke up not feeling too well. It was an overall rough night last night; however, by the afternoon I motivated myself to get some fresh air. At this point, I had not done much research on aragonite, but I was inspired to walk our recycling to the recycling machine (here in Mexico City, we have the BioBox that accepts plastic and aluminum in exchange for discounts on restaurants, utilities, and transportation). When I returned home, I read about aragonite inspiring the conservation of the earth and protection of natural resources. Coincidence or is there actually something genuine to this energy thing?

By mid-afternoon, I started feeling much better. However, at no point during the day was I frustrated or stressed (I am not typically a good sick person), so there was definitely a calming energy with me today.

What’s next?

I will be perfectly honest: tonight, I am meditating myself to sleep. I typically meditate in my spare bedroom and for a dedicated time. The energy of aragonite will ensure that I stay in grounded and focused on my earthly presence as I drift to sleep. One article even said that aragonite under the pillow helps diminish insomnia…I might keep aragonite under my pillow every night!

On that note, it is bedtime. But, I can’t head to sleep without placing tomorrow’s crystal on the selenite. I just walked into my living room and the first crystal that called to me is a brand new crystal in my collection: leopardskin jasper.


Have a blessed night everyone! Until tomorrow!



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