Day 7: Leopardskin Jasper

Today was a very productive day and the leopardskin jasper came in very handy. With it being Mexico’s equivalent of “black Friday,” much patience was necessary to make it through the crowds of people and the spending of money. Even though today was a very busy day in general of rushing around and preparing for dinner with friends afterward, I remained quite calm today and used the crystal as a reminder when stress did arise.

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper in all its Beauty

Why leopardskin jasper?

Recently, a coworker asked me to help her find a store to buy crystals here in Mexico City, so I mentioned a tarot store nearby that we could check out. Sure enough, the store had a small, but beautiful, collection of meditation stones. We went quickly on our lunch break and I purchased 4 new stones; one of which was leopardskin jasper, a stone I had never seen before.

When looking over my crystals last night, this one stood out to me. I can typically tell by the color of the stone which chakra it aligns with, but this stone is an interesting mix of colors. I was drawn to it simply because I did not know what it meant. Today was my firs time using the crystal since purchasing.

What does it mean?

Leopardskin jasper  is a grounding stone that connects with the heart chakra. It is used to promote a feeling of security and wellbeing. It also helps with mental clarity. Using this crystal is especially beneficial for those with emotional and spiritual pain in their pasts, or for those with turbulent or chaotic present circumstances. Read more here.

Did it work?

What a fitting stone for the day I had! Most people I know are stressed in large crowds and crazy times like big sales. Having this stone with me as a reminder throughout the day was quite calming and necessary. I found myself taking my crystal out of my pocket on several occasions to remind myself of its meaning and the intention I set for it earlier in the day.

From the time I arrived home, I was preparing for a dinner and board games with friends. As a highly competitive person by nature, the stone would prove useful in the evening as well.

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper and Friends

What was the intention?

The intention I set for the leopardskin jasper was to “Remain calm in times of stress and remember that all things in life are temporary.”

With this intention on my mind as anxiety and stress crept into my moments, I took moments to reaffirm this intention by holding my crystal in my palm.

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper Up Close

What’s next?

In all honesty, as I spent the night out with friends, I did not take the time to meditate with my leopardskin jasper. However, I plan to pick up my normal routine with another new crystal in my collection: blue tiger eye.

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