Day 8: Blue Tiger Eye

Today, Sunday, was a day of relaxation and recovery for me. Last night, I went a bit heavy on the tequila and paid for it all day. You’ll have to read further to know what the blue tiger eye meant for me today.

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye

Why blue tiger eye?

I have been slacking a bit on my blog challenge lately, so I wanted a stone to focus a bit more on my introspection and internal needs. Blues tend to work well with the mid to higher chakras where communication (not only externally) are worked on. As a new stone in my collection, I wanted to set an intention for the blue tiger eye and use it to unlock some inner feelings.

What does it mean?

Blue tiger eye works with the throat and third eye chakras to calm anxieties and to give insight to struggles and fears. This is a stone with a very smooth energy and allows for the user to reflect on internal struggled and emotional issues with a clear mind. Though all stones promote honesty in one form or another, blue tiger eye specifically encourages honesty with yourself.

Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye has blue and green tones!

Tiger eye is my favorite stone, so to see a blue tiger eye for the first time was exciting for me. The stone has a beautiful blue-green shimmer that really draws you in. I can see exactly why it is such a calming and introspective stone.

Did it work?

Few people around me, minus my closest friends, know that I am a very anxious person. I have always had very social jobs and I do enjoy being around people, but I leave social situations completely drained. When I am in professional environments, I avoid conflict like the plague, typically at the expense of my well-being and best interest. However, my response to too much socializing or too much stress is usually a day (or two if I can) locked away in my bed binge-watching Netflix. I spent a few weeks with a best friend recently and she nicknamed my weekend behavior as “caving it.”

In addition to my learned routine of isolation each weekend, I feel most comfortable at parties and social gathering with a drink always in my hand. To me, drinks with socializing help ease the “am I funny enough” or “am I too loud” or “do I belong here” thoughts that start to race. Well, the drinks during socializing happened last night.

Today, I really focused on the introspection that blue tiger eye is supposed to inspire. I spent the day “caving it” and thinking about better ways to handle my anxiety and extreme reaction to my extremely social life. Staring into the stone, I started to realize the natural imperfections, despite the beauty of the stone. My mind allowed me to think of how I am welcomed to socialize, I am married to an amazing partner, and I have been successful in my very extroverted jobs because I am beautiful the way I am, even despite my flaws.

Blue Tiger Eye

Even beauty has flaws.

I would consider today an all-day meditation, and definitely aided by the power of the blue tiger eye. I felt less anxiety as I thought through reasons for my strange and, frankly, unhealthy, weekend behaviors. I also set some goals for next weekend (Thanksgiving), when I will be in an even larger group of people at a very social gathering. We will have to see what crystal I have with me and what intention I set for that day!

What was the intention?

The intention I set for the blue tiger eye was to “allow myself to be honest and reflect on the things I want to improve in my life.” As a naturally anxious person, or as I call myself “an extroverted introvert,” I needed this intention to bring my focus to actively improving myself rather than shutting myself off from people and situations I typically avoid.

What’s next?

Tomorrow, to raise my vibration after a day of introspection, I am drawn to one of my highest-vibrational crystals: Apophyllite!

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