Day 9: Apophyllite

Today was a very calm day. In Mexico it was a holiday, so I continued my resting and relaxation. The great thing about having an introspective day like yesterday is that I came to terms with what I needed and moved on to more productive thought processes today. In general, today had a lack of productivity, but this journey about my internal self as much as my external.


A naturally formed apophyllite crystal.

Why Apophyllite?

I remember asking the owner of the Silver Pyramid, my favorite spiritual store, to lead me to a stone that really raises vibrations. She showed me a few crystals our of my price range at the time, but when she showed me the apophyllite I was connected instantly. The beautiful clarity of the stone and the amazing, almost perfect crystal formation really spoke to me. Definitely not the cheapest crystal, but I made room in my budget that day.

Looking over my crystals, I was drawn in the exact same was as the fist time I laid eyes on the stone. After a day of goal setting and self-analyzation, apophyllite struck me as a great next step in my process.

What does it mean?

Apophyllite is known to vibrate with the third eye and crown chakras. It is often used to clear negative energy and allow its user to release old patterns that no longer serve them, while bringing with it a childlike lightness of heart. The ability of the stone to dissipate fear and anxiety is an amazing attribute to the crystal.

Apophyllite is a great balancing stone and helps to align the user’s aura with the inner true self. In other words, people who use this crystal are more easily able to express themselves outwardly with a clear mind. What an amazing stone!



Did it work?

Though the blue tiger eye allowed me to evaluate the ways I handle stress and anxiety in my life, today I worked on clearing any of that negativity. Looking at the stone reminds me of purity and stillness. Throughout the day, I kept the stone with me and often in my hands. This helped remind me to let go of yesterday and live in the moment. I was reminded today what mindfulness really means; fear is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future. Mindfulness is forgetting about things outside of the here and now. Staring into apophyllite really helped me be present.

Today’s intention for the apophyllite is exactly what it reminded me: calm my anxiety by remembering to live in the present moment.

What’s next?

Tomorrow I will be returning to one of my very first stones to refresh my memory on what it means: labradorite. Stay tuned for this beautiful crystal!

As always, thank you for following along. Please leave comments if you have any questions or something to add!

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